First poster attempt


Last night i attempted to make a trail version of my movie poster. I made this in photoshop and mixed and played with colour balances, curves and contrast. I used bright neon colours to show her outline which i used to represent her flaws and imperfections. I made sure that her eyes were the focal point of this poster so i lighted them with more brightness and white tones.

I went into photoshop – filter – creative filters and played around with different ratios of colour and grain. I didn’t want just a normal portrait of her face, as its extremely bland and the film relates to her constant changing life. As well as this her face isn’t the same to the other actors – MACY OWEN who played Zaina at age 13.

I chose this font because its very bold. and it stands out




The Matrix

So in media theory me and the class watched The Matrix. The matrix is about a man names ‘neo’ has been chosen to save the world we live in from being controlled by the matrix.

The matrix relates back to Jean Buadrillard because its all about hyper reality , is this the truth ? Or just a copy. I have read many articles that support his theory in relation to simulation and simulacra to The Matrix. Especially the note in the book names simulation and simulacra by Jean Buadrillard.

Neo is an anagram for ‘one’ which he is referenced as ‘the one’


So regarding my short film, i have produced an interview with the main actress Sara Masud who plays Zaina in scenes 2 and 3. As well as this i got the chance to interview Emily Rose a film production student who gave me tips and tricks when filming as well as reading my script and story board she gave me useful advice as seen in the video.

I filmed this on my canon 760D, and edited it in imovie as its very simple clips just to put one after the other. I had previously researched some film interviews and realised they put in little backstage clips, clips of the film but in silent so the audience can still here the actor/actress speaking. I then copied this and i feel it made it more engaging and easier to watch as we don’t just see the interviewes face.

When filming the interview i first asked Emily rose to film me asking the questions to Sara as we only had one camera, we couldnt film a two way shot. But too make it like the 180* rule i then filmed Sara replying back to my awnsers. In a different shot.

A tip that i learnt from Emily Rose was that with the grid i matched my eye-line the rule of thirds grid which made it very effective.

9. Snowden Website analysis

This website is probably the most unique film website i have come across. Once i loaded the website, it introduced a very mysterious creepy soundtrack. With everything glitches to do with the genre and theme of the film. As the red bar moved across the title text the number below it started to rise up till it reached 100. In the image we can see the film title in bold letters with a faded font which is reflected back in the red loaded strip. Also very faintly we also can see the very transparent image of the main character, the protagonist. A close up of him in full screen. snowden 1

Once it had loaded, it opened up this page where the face had reached it full opacity. A voiceover started with words glitching. With strong dramatic music. I noticed that everywhere you would scroll your mouse, the text as a whole would move with the mouse. The font is also very technical and like a code font. All consistent and monotone. The menu bare is divided up into six sections. the home and each number represents a page so for example page 4 represents the cast and page 3 represents photos and videos

The social media links in the bottom right with the popular film hashtag to drive more traffic and attention to the film is used.

snowden 2

This is two of the pages, this is the film synopsis page. it tells the story plot.  I really liked this page as it was very simple, still keeping with the same arrangement of the theme such as moving the text along with the mouse. The gallery and video page i think is a touch too simple considering the genre is based around crime and spy. Although i do like how every button and link makes a very sci-fi tech sound which makes it very personal.

My final storyboard

this is my final story board, after creating a short 8 box one, i decided to create a more detailed one. With more arrows, more frame directions and annotations, camera movements and angles. and  I used a template and then drew in each scene stating how long each frame will take to film as well if it were filmed interior or exterior.



Berlin trip video

So last Friday – Monday i went to Berlin, Germany for an art trip. With the art department we stayed for 3 nights to see the main landmarks in Berlin, its culture and its art galleries.  We stayed in a bnb hostel which was very interesting, i have learnt alot from this tripWe visited places like the Berlin wall, the main centre named Alexander Platz. i have come back learning alot from Berlin as well as to make more footage then you require. As with this some of the footage didn’t come out in focus, some footage was so shakey i had to warp stabilize it although that didn’t even save it so i had to bin it. This has made me realise i need a more steady hand or even invest in a stablizer. Which can be very expensive.


I film this on my canon 760d and edited on i movie. Music used i made sure was non copyrighted with credits given in the description. This is my third holiday/ trip video i have created and i love creating these video montages as it can really bring a personal edge and feeling to those people who went. To relive their memories in a three minute clip with an upbeat music behind it.

Short of the week


I stumbled across this website when researching short films and i loved it. Very high quality short films with a variety of genres to pick from. I really like this website.Gives media learners a platform to begin to start to publish and submit their work into this website, and once its uploaded it can receive limitless views and shares.

8. Moonlight website review

So this film really relates to my short film, as it covers three stages of life. The homepage shows exactly that. Each with a different colour background. All series face it looks very astecially pleasing with the title of the film Moonlight. I have noticed the font has almost a glow to the littering which relates back to the title light.In smaller font, it states the award for best picture. In capital letters which tie in with the title in the same colour and font. At the bottom of the page it has social media links which im positive i would like to use in my website to engage more audience interaction.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When following the story the drop down button then makes you scroll down which leads to endless amounts of the background information and beind the scenes. With breaks of images inbewen to separeate each chapter.  Its layed out almost like its an artical. With differnt topics to click off each one.

I have not seen a website like this before as its very engaging and extemely intersestng as its allows the audience to acknowlege the meeing of the film. And to understand the background knowledge.

moonlight 4