what are the types of production

Pre production – research and planning. further developing ideas and planning prior to the process of production. such as storyboards, scripts, equipment list. further developing ideas, and making decisions to carry on from preparation to production.

Production – in film, television, and animation, it refers to the tasks that must be completed in the cinematography department during the process of filming and shooting. Including mise en scene, set design, actors lines, locations, and filming.

Post-production This is the editing, colour correction, and all the work done after the recording of a film has taken place. Advertising can be considered as post-production too.

For my short film, i had to take into account all these factors although i had to mainly focus on the production and post-production more heavily than anything else. Filming and editing has been the biggest factor in making a producing my short film.


Issues and risks in production


Actor leaving – firstly i had an actress to play scene 1 who looks a lot like Sara Masid who plays Zaaina, although for personal issues she couldn’t film in the time frame i needed to shoot the footage so i found Macy Owen who filled in.

card- when i traveled to London to film scene 2, age 17 scene my new 32gb card for my decided to say it was full when all footage was cleared, formatted and deleted so i had to buy another san disk which then worked perfectly.

battery – only shooting with one camera, meant one battery so had to keep the charger with me at all times incase it decided to run out.

getting to London – getting to london near Christmas from Gerrards Cross was not only expensive but very busy and with expensive equptiment to travel to elephent and castle wasnt very ideal, so i made sure i had everything in cases, not in view so it was protected

music and continuity – My actress in scenes 2&3 tiold me in december she’s living in America in jan 4th, hard to get every shot before that, having only one draft so i over filmed footage for extra shots.

editing in premier – isnt compatible, very slow with the macbook pro, hard to render.

royalty free music – some wouldn’t let me download.



Draft 3

After holding feedback, i got told, in the beggining of my short film, non-diagetic sound could really impact the audience. So i decided to shoot a voice over.
I think the voice over has helped intrigue the audience, as well as help them relate due to foreshadowing what comes later in the short film. As it contradicts and proves her wrong. By recording the voice-over with a microphone, it allowed me to get it very clear quality of the actoress’s voice used, the sharp voice was used by an 11 year old girl named Caitlyn.
I chose Caitlyn in year seven, as I know her but also know she sees her self in a similar situation as my character does in my short film.
We recorded in various places, such as the school field, a classroom and then went into an empty spacious hall.
The hall enabled me to receive an echo effect when playing it back, which fits codes and conventions of a voice-over, with speaking from the mind, the voice in your head, which worked perfectly when editing.
I also added in the credits of the short film at the end including casts, and the production crew.

Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop and challenge forms of conventions of real media products 

  • genre – coming of age conventions shot types
  • films – boyhood, why mise en scene, editing, sound, shot types
  • challenging narrative
  • film poster
  • website

draft 3

improvements from a audience feedback

cut vomit scene – In this scene, in draft two, the vomit scene was very unclear and unrealistic
colour correction – the use of the flashbacks arnt identifiable and need some work  in adjusting a differnce between two mixed scenes
voice over – to include a voice over in my last and first scene, repeat them to make it more effecrtive throughout


On Sunday night i watched the BAFTAS, watched the nominations and applauded the upcoming.

Here are the winners

Outstanding British film WINNER: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Best original music
WINNER: The Shape of Water

Best make up & hair

Blade Runner 2049
WINNER: Darkest Hour

Best costume design

WINNER: Phantom Thread
The Shape of Water

Best animated film


Best editing

WINNER: Baby Driver

Best documentary

WINNER: i am your negro

Outstanding British contribution to cinema

National Film and Television School – beconsfield

Best British short animation

Have Heart
WINNER: Poles Apart

Best British short film

WINNER: Cowboy Dave

Best film not in the English language

WINNER: The haidman 

Best adapted screenplay

WINNER: call me by your name

Best supporting actor

WINNER: Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best production design

beauty and the beast

Best special visual effects

WINNER: Blade Runner 2049

Outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer

WINNER: I am not a witch – Rungano Nyoni (writer/director), Emily Morgan (producer)

Best supporting actress

WINNER: Allison Janney, I tonya

Best sound

WINNER: Dunkirk

Best original screenplay

WINNER: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best cinematography

WINNER: Blade Runner 2049

Best actor

WINNER: Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour

Play Video

Best actress

WINNER: Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best director

WINNER: Guillermo Del Toro, The Shape of Water

Best film
WINNER: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

My short film trailer

Today I spent to hours creating a trailer for my short film on iMovie.

Gaining inspiration from the trailers of One day and Boyhood as they are the trailers in my genre-coming on age, portrait film.  I selected a range of my previous footage used in my short film to promote the film, i made sure to use the best shots in my short film to show off in my trailer.




The Gorrilaz- media theory

• virtual personalities’ separating music from persona
• cut up pieces of established styles (everything’s a remix) (pastiche)
• on melancholy hill (parody) – comedy imitation carry’s out scene in titanic and anime ‘noodle’ carried through narrative from continuation of stylo’s video
• expression of postmodern culture- past questions around nature of representation, performance and existence
• self-reference in music videos stylo ‘Bruce Willis’ stereotypical western genre
• throughout self-reference and intertextuality (emotion)

My website now


home page

This is the home page of my website, i have changed the font to Child Writting, and also changed the tear website button to a drop line menu box. The image in the background is actually a video which is a short montage of three scenes. As she gets older.

I find that this website menu is much more noticeable than the pink tear, this is because when i asked my classmates to look around and play with the website, they only looked at the homepage due to not recognising the tear as a menu button

menu buttoncontents page

once you click on the menu button , it will take you to this side bar, which i changed the font to the childs writing, in a black font and whatever page your currently on, it highlights in yellow.

bloopers and extras

I realised that there is a phone compatibility mode, where it shows a iphone model of the website, which replaced some layouts and formats.

phone compatible