On Sunday night i watched the BAFTAS, watched the nominations and applauded the upcoming.

Here are the winners

Outstanding British film WINNER: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Best original music
WINNER: The Shape of Water

Best make up & hair

Blade Runner 2049
WINNER: Darkest Hour

Best costume design

WINNER: Phantom Thread
The Shape of Water

Best animated film


Best editing

WINNER: Baby Driver

Best documentary

WINNER: i am your negro

Outstanding British contribution to cinema

National Film and Television School – beconsfield

Best British short animation

Have Heart
WINNER: Poles Apart

Best British short film

WINNER: Cowboy Dave

Best film not in the English language

WINNER: The haidman 

Best adapted screenplay

WINNER: call me by your name

Best supporting actor

WINNER: Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best production design

beauty and the beast

Best special visual effects

WINNER: Blade Runner 2049

Outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer

WINNER: I am not a witch – Rungano Nyoni (writer/director), Emily Morgan (producer)

Best supporting actress

WINNER: Allison Janney, I tonya

Best sound

WINNER: Dunkirk

Best original screenplay

WINNER: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best cinematography

WINNER: Blade Runner 2049

Best actor

WINNER: Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour

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Best actress

WINNER: Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best director

WINNER: Guillermo Del Toro, The Shape of Water

Best film
WINNER: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


My short film trailer

Today I spent to hours creating a trailer for my short film on iMovie.

Gaining inspiration from the trailers of One day and Boyhood as they are the trailers in my genre-coming on age, portrait film.  I selected a range of my previous footage used in my short film to promote the film, i made sure to use the best shots in my short film to show off in my trailer.




My website now

home page

This is the home page of my website, i have changed the font to Child Writting, and also changed the tear website button to a drop line menu box. The image in the background is actually a video which is a short montage of three scenes. As she gets older.

I find that this website menu is much more noticeable than the pink tear, this is because when i asked my classmates to look around and play with the website, they only looked at the homepage due to not recognising the tear as a menu button

menu buttoncontents page

once you click on the menu button , it will take you to this side bar, which i changed the font to the childs writing, in a black font and whatever page your currently on, it highlights in yellow.

bloopers and extras

I realised that there is a phone compatibility mode, where it shows a iphone model of the website, which replaced some layouts and formats.

phone compatible


The greatest showman film review

Last week i got the chance to watch the greatest Showman, directed by Michael Gracey, who has previously directed Ned Kelly and The magician.

I really enjoyed this musical. its not particularly a genre i would watch, but it has defiantly changed my perception of this.It has a linear narrative, starting when he was a little boy in poverty to growing up to when he’s a mature man, with his wife and kids.

The iconic actors and actresses such as

  • Hugh Jackman
  • Michelle Williams
  • zac efron
  • Zendaya

The camera techniques were amazing aswell, with aerobatics, songs and soundtrack our phenomenal. I would highly reccomend it to audeinces who love musicals, theatre, romace and adventure. I am very excited to see the new mama mia film in 2018.


narrative theory

In my as media. my opening title sequence for fixation, i have followed and challenged media theorists such as Katz, levi Stauss, Torodov, Barthes and Propp in relation to my as project.

Levi Strauss – Binary Opposition, eg. Good v evil. Through high contrasts of of the audience knowing the antagonist as the ‘villain’ but not revealing his physical facial appearance in frames throughout the sequence. By this we used point of view and over the shoulder shots to distract and manipulate the audience, so they are still left in the narrative not knowing who he is.

Katz – uses and gratifications theory, in the entertainment category, by giving the audience the advantage i knowing the insight o the villain through the use of media language techniques such as the Antagonists voiceover, and the mise en scene blood, and pin murder board. It can create a sense of the audience feeling superior. The audience knowing the upper hand at the begening of the media product which would later unfold. By this the audience are so immersed in the linear narrative, the tense opening would create a sense of ‘escapism’ enabling them to forgot the realism and worries but to heavily focus on the advantage of knowing the backbone and main plot in the opening titles.

Propps – thoeory of ‘7 broad characters’ were completely challenged throughout the opening title sequence apart from perhaps the Villain, who was clearly the main character. Propps argues that peices of narrative media all contain at least a phew of the characters being the ‘hero, princess, donor, dispatcher, false hero, and the villain’. Throughout the sequence the audience only se the ‘villain’ which have limitations of the other six characters.

Barthes – The enigma code is heavily presented within the opening sequence. Following two of his 5 stages, the enigma and Hermeuntic code. We did this by presetning much mystery into the narrative. Working to maintain the setting up of problems and puzzles, throughout the sequence we also dropped clues and the voiceover had unanweberd questions to why he does it subelty revealing the meaning behind his addiction, following his theory.

Torodov starting at the disequeilbrum instead of equilbrilun. Strating the opening with a disturbing disruption of the narrative, being very intense.

Draft 2 of short film

So regarding my improvements from feedback such as questionnaires and research have many improvements in

  • adding more sound, mainly ambient
  • making sounds louder in party scenes
  • color corrected scene 2 accordingly to the morning after and night
  • cut down clips
  • imported and used a new font
  • changed the font colour to plain white
  • put ending into reverse


Updating my website

Menu button – the menu button was unclear last time, as it blended in with the background so i changed it to a more contrasting and bold relatable shape. This will allow the audience to look at other pages and additional information

Gallery images-  I have changed the automatic demo images, and replaced them with professional and edited images of the characters in the production

Changing font – I have now changed the font to keep it consistent with with the theme of draft 2. A chid writing looks like little scribbles.

This makes it more user friendly, and easier to navigate and use.


Reading Interview

Yesterday I went to Reading University to attend an interview with Matt Cassidy. For BA FILM

It was from 9am-5pm, a very long interview!When I and Matt got there we received our programmes, it had a very busy plenary to that day. First was a lecture talk about the course and modules, whats included and I found out we can take a variation of film, theatre or both together.Mainly the course is held in the Mangella studios, including

  • a green screen studio
  • three performance theatres
  • a 70 seated cinema screen
  • 8 editing rooms
  • meeting rooms
  • two prop rooms

our second task was to create a short film, a strict brief of being in a group of 5

the short film included the brief of

  • has to be between 30-45 seconds
  • one line of dialogue which is ‘are you sleeping’
  • maximum of three shots
  • two shots need to be close up
  • one prop of a chaise long
  • 10 mins to shoot
  • 10 mins to plan
  • 10 mins to edit
  • on ipad and imove

We had the opportunity to show it to the rest of the group, in this we had to prove we made a storyboard, and planning whilst the lecturer judged us and notes down our participation

After we screened them in a tv studio We then got told to head to a performance studio to analyze an Alfred Hitchcock film. We watched the first 10 mins of Marnie, a film about a lady stealing money who dresses up with blonde hair. Featuring Sean Connery. we analysed the sound, editing, mise en scene and characteristics in individual groups to then share them.

After that, me and Matt went to get lunch and then was the interviews which were very relaxed, almost like a genuine conversation. i talked about Gone girl, Alfred Hitchcock film named ‘the lady vanishes’ and the spectre opening title sequence.