Fixation – Textual analysis

This was our opening sequence thriller for our As media main task. My group consisted of

Izzy Ur-rehman who was our director,

Georgia Mccormick, who was our producer

Corey Brown – our main editor along side Actor

and me – i was the D.O.P and assistant editor.

We created this opening title sequence to Fixation. A short 2 min opening which bases around a serial killer about to plot his next murder.


We used a variety of camera angles and shots to portray the sinister atmostphere, we used high angles to show the antagonist writing and plotting, where as we we use close ups to show his facial expressions to reinforce his determination.


We used fast pace editing, but also slow gradual cuts to let the audience reasurre themselves for no confusion.


we used a voice over, we used a monotone deep voice to compliment to action and plot. As well as used Bent and Broken royalty free to give it some grunge and depth

mise en scene 

we located our shooting in a shed, as its the most generic place, and eairy place to shoot at night in the dark. We used a map, and covered it with ‘victims’ from CCTV footage, jail mugshots, joining them together with string and red pen points. We used low key lighting throughout.


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