genre theorist

for question 1b, i need to start learning the different theoriest in my exam for genre

these are the theorists i need to refer too

John Fiske genre as ‘convenience’ for producers and audiences

Henry Jenkins genre constantly breaks rules e.g. evolving hybridization

Daniel Chandler –  genre is too restricting

Steve Neale– genre as repetition and difference

David Buckingham – genre in constant process of negotiation and change

Uk riots- David Buckingham

Postmodernism theory – why is the UK riots shown through postmodernism points

  • Representing youth, misrepresentations Selective explore – 86% poverty and employment
  • A tradition of fear- satisfy audience ideology and stereotypes
  • Women journalist analyzed 7000 young boys, 72% said seen in a negative light
  • Society has seen in a moral panic – Stanley Cohen condition, episode, person or group of people emerges to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests”. Stanley Cohen believes the media play an important role in enforcing moral panic, even by just reporting the news.
  • the ‘live’ news coverage and the ‘mediated’ events produced to ‘tell the story’ of the riots satisfy the postmodern appetite for Hyperreality (Baudrillard 1994), by blurring the simulacra (real) and simulation (unreal) and forming a combination of the two, a simulacrum (Baudrillard 1995 loose the ‘true’ events of the riots through the lens of the camera and television screen
  • hypodermic syringe model – influences from the media – This model suggests that the audience passively accepts the message ‘injected’ into them by the mass media
  • This model believes that there is a DIRECT correlation between the violent behavior shown on TV, computer games etc and anti-social and criminal behavior in real life
  • The press coverage has shaped the public understanding

The stuart hall theory

Linking to question 1b, for our as media production Fixation.

‘Our opening title  was specifically targeted at teenagers, which was beneficial as we knew what conventions appealed to a teenage audience. Stuart Hall, a cultural theorist proposed the audience reception theory. In my foundation Portfolio production the audience will engage in ‘dominant’ or ‘preferred’ how we made the audience view with camera editing and sound and mise en scene . However, as our message was not as clear as it could be, the audience may engage in ‘negotiated reading’. This means that the audience may understand part of what we are trying to say, yet have their own views and opinions as well. “an addition” could be taken two ways and questioned’


Uses and Gratifications in Q1b

(this is for my as opening title sequence Fixation)

The uses and gratifications audience theory suggests that audience an audience consume popular texts in order to receive something from them. Bulmer and Katz identified four uses and gratifications as a diversion (entertainment and escape from reality), surveillance (information), personal identity(seeing yourself reflect in the text and learning new values and) personal relationships

In my cousework an audience may use diversion as they see the thriller to be surreal to their everyday normal life. They see as an escapist – a route away from reality and they would be entertained by the myersty and eeriness of the opening title

They could also experience personal identity in the opening sequence by relating to the situation from personal experiences of this dark subject, or dark times they can realte to when they were feeling. Realtionships – feel emotions

Main target audience – how I achieved it

Feeling supiroer – giving the audience the upper hand – separated them from real life problems – a diversion

Laura mulveys – using a white male villain to take a modern twist, sterytyping black men and women we challenged this, dark clothing

Ready player one

Image result for ready player one

So today I went to see Ready Player One, at my cinema.Ready player one is directed by Steven Speilberg, its all about the outside world v a virtual reality. This relates back to my g325 media, supporting theorist Jean Baudrillard theory of Hyper reality, replacing real life with a fake experience ‘a fictional representation of the world e.g Disney land – a which is at the same time real, physical space but also clearly a fictional, representation of the world’





Vlog on genre

Today I edited and uploaded my Vlog on Genre in my short film. I got to talk about the type of genre it is, with it being a coming of age, and how films have inspired me into taking such shots in scenes, as well as following and challenging the types of codes and conventions a coming of age film would follow.