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My website so far

So I have started to create my website, I have decided to create my website using Wix. I like Wix because it allows you do choose and personalize your own style to your content. With thousands of temples and themes to start on. My main inspiration is the website ‘the promise’ official website for their upcoming film. Where they have created a short video montage of some clips put together from the film.

So, therefore, i have created that in premier pro, making it around 5 seconds long for the home page under the title of the film.

I am planning to make a short trailer, which is around 30 seconds to a minute long, just to add to the website as that’s the common codes and conventions of a film website.

I have taken a series of photos which I need to edit and put into the gallery section of my website.


First poster attempt


Last night i attempted to make a trail version of my movie poster. I made this in photoshop and mixed and played with colour balances, curves and contrast. I used bright neon colours to show her outline which i used to represent her flaws and imperfections. I made sure that her eyes were the focal point of this poster so i lighted them with more brightness and white tones.

I went into photoshop – filter – creative filters and played around with different ratios of colour and grain. I didn’t want just a normal portrait of her face, as its extremely bland and the film relates to her constant changing life. As well as this her face isn’t the same to the other actors – MACY OWEN who played Zaina at age 13.

I chose this font because its very bold. and it stands out