Berlin trip video

So last Friday – Monday i went to Berlin, Germany for an art trip. With the art department we stayed for 3 nights to see the main landmarks in Berlin, its culture and its art galleries.  We stayed in a bnb hostel which was very interesting, i have learnt alot from this trip.

I film this on my canon 760d and edited on i movie. Music used i made sure was non copyrighted with credits given in the description


Short of the week


I stumbled across this website when researching short films and i loved it. Very high quality short films with a variety of genres to pick from. I really like this website.Gives media learners a platform to begin to start to publish and submit their work into this website, and once its uploaded it can receive limitless views and shares.

8. Moonlight website review

So this film really relates to my short film, as it covers three stages of life. The homepage shows exactly that. Each with a different colour background. All series face it looks very astecially pleasing with the title of the film Moonlight. I have noticed the font has almost a glow to the littering which relates back to the title light.In smaller font, it states the award for best picture. In capital letters which tie in with the title in the same colour and font. At the bottom of the page it has social media links which im positive i would like to use in my website to engage more audience interaction.

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When following the story the drop down button then makes you scroll down which leads to endless amounts of the background information and beind the scenes. With breaks of images inbewen to separeate each chapter.  Its layed out almost like its an artical. With differnt topics to click off each one.

I have not seen a website like this before as its very engaging and extemely intersestng as its allows the audience to acknowlege the meeing of the film. And to understand the background knowledge.

moonlight 4


7. Promise website analysis


This begins as a circle loading, almost like a circles of trust. To load the page to 100%The logo in the middle of the circle placed in the center of the page.PROMISE HOME

Then opens to a home page of a montage of clips from the film. The text is continuously in the same font and colour gold.  With the menu slide to the left which illuminates once hovered over. The title logo at the top which has the three iconic actress/actors at the top.  The drop down that says ‘discover the film’; brings the page down to the second menu button.  With the social media tags in the bottom right corner.


I really liked this page as it showed behind the scenes.  I would want to do this as it lets the audience know the lengths and troubles they went though in order to take a certain scene, and can make them relate back to the film. PROMISE SCROLL

In the photo/ video gallery there where a series of clips and photos to show off the film. In high definition to engage the audience. Its laid out and placed in squares but once pressed it expands out to fill the full screen to give that cinematic finish.

Analysing my questionnaire responce

So i finally got my results back, I managed to get 100 responses. These are very helpful as they will help me understand and acknowledge what my target audience will want to see and expect. This feedback has been incredibly helpful, and guided me into hopefully choosing the right narrative, actors and plot.


I first asked 100 people how old are you, their ages. With this responce i did mainly ask 16-21 year olds as they are on social media primarily a lot. This result was expected and has shaped their opinions in further questions i asked due to their generation and age.


I made sure i mainly asked females these questionnaire questions due to me filming this short film based on a journey through the life of the girl to women. This would help me analyse what going through a females mind through different ages. As i later ask scenarios which would be suited best and more relatable.


This was as expected, as youtube is the main video station. Instagram recently opened up the 1min time limit for videos. With this popular entertainment pages are able to piece together a short film under a minute which is free and quickly assemble to hundreds of followers and viewers. Its easily shared with people who give comments in a fast social media platform. As well on twitter, a little video can go a long way with the power of retweeting. Shortfilmoftheweek is an amazing website which shows hundred of new short films every week, In a variety of genres. I stumbled across this when i was researching short films. Its very helpful and got so many creative ideas. I was surprised that the audience would of known it.


These results were very diverse. I didn’t expect character to get so many hits. But this does work in my advantage as i’m focusing on a girl and how she changes throughout time. With these results i need to work on editing, from this i will definitely look at tutorials to produce the most effective piece of work. I am also using two cameras to film age 17 which will help continuity.


So this initially gave my a-lot of reassurance that my target audience liked my overall summary of the short film. And it has given me more confidence in knowing at least 80% would be interested to watch. Although the maybe i will hopefully surprise them.


I was stuck on this so i decided to ask my target audience which one they prefer. I will definitely go for a chronological order as it wont confuse my audience and it will make them relate back to the story line easier.

7 My last question was the most important and will impact this short film drastically. So the most popular got house parties which i will defiantly use. I feel like most 17 year olds get to experience an amazing night at a house party. It shows our stereotypical audience and it will show how she grows from a little year 7. i want to break the ‘bullying’ option as i feel that is extremely stereotypical and young children do often face that but its very often dealt with whereas a first day of school and stress from homework can be rarely rexperienced.


6. IT website analysis


The homepage immediately sets the atmosphere and tone of this film. It first begins with a pop up trailer. Which we get given to close down the an X icon. This then brings us to the Home page. First impressions is that it is very scary, the use of the bright yellow coat and the red balloon stand out like a sour thumb. This can be seen as their primary colours. Why the child is drawn to the ballon but in the dark is a very well lit clown.Each icon highlight red once you hover it which is very nicely thought out about. IT QUOTE

The changing review quotations at the top of the page show how well and susescsful the movie is doing. Statements from very successful production people as well as the new journalist headlines are included.


The about page is very basic, it mentions the production company, the plot and the assemble of young actors in the film. Although i did like how the background is translucent. The semi translucent background means that the audience can always see the boy in the yellow coat, and the red balloon with a little appearance of the clown with the low opacity background.

5.Suicide squad website analysis


This website i find really suits the genre of the film. I like how colourful it is as it really grabs the audiences eye. As atypical action movie.  It really draws the audience in since the #1 movie in the world makes it a must see. In green which links to the background colour is a hyperlink to the trailer and the features which you would have to scroll down. By the side it clearly shows the 13pg rating which i am thinking of including in my website.At the top of the home page picture it states all the main actors at the top, with a menu box.


This website scrolled down, so the audience has the option to either scroll down each page or manually select each page in the menu bar. I like this as it gives them an option. I also have noticed the transition between the pages, its very artist as it isn’t a straight line, it sort of semi blends in as its scratched out in one another


I went into the cast section of the site, which moved me to a whole page just for the cast, it shows each individual person, an animated version of themselves, the name they go by and their side nick name. I found this very clever and smart and it linked very well to the film in their font, the images they chose from scenes.

This is the about page; i much prefer this page to the wonder women page which is just black and dull. This page has a colourful background similar to the background homepage just less noise but it has a picture of one of the main characters in the bottom right hand side corner. It grabs the readers attention and its not too distracting if it were all across the page as colours would clash with the font.



4. Wonder women website analysis


. As i clicked on this web it first popped up with the trailer and then after the trailer finished music came on, which sounded very heroic and you had the option to turn it off. This website, is a normal standard website, i like how there are buttons each corner of the screen at the home page. The home page again shows the film poster with no motion although i do find it effective as the shiny metallic golds in with the title name and the logo as well as her armour links and ties in with the golden text and rating.


One of the menu icon was a video page. This was my favourite as it was very colour co-ordinated.  I like the yellow/ gold colours as well the posters were full length in the gallery section. And if you hovered over it, they would play in the certain box in mute almost giving the audience a little preview.

So this was the about page, i don’t really like this page as its very basic in comparison to the other pages but i like how the header of the page is bold in a yellow colour. I would of preferred it if there were a picture/image behind it.


Overall i really like this website, i do find the homepage basic but it does link with one another.

3.Dunkirk website analysis


This website is one i do not wish to go about creating. I find it very basic and boring. As normal it starts with a trailer which you have an option to close. But this is all it has to it. The movie poster, with buttons of ‘get tickets’, official soundtrack which isn’t even linked to the page, it takes you to another tag which i found very messy.

The button which said ‘watch trailers’ went to only one trailer which was the trailer that opened the site.

The colour scheme is very dark and blue toned which ties in with the story line, with the black fading and dissolving into the sides of the background.

Overall i found this very basic, and i was not impressed and will hopefully create a website not inspired but this.