Momento film review



I watched momento yesterday, it is about a man named Lenny who has a memory condition, which means he cant make any memories since when he had an accident. I find that the black and white clips show his chronological order whereas other clips are going back n time, lost in confusion.


This scene for me, is the best scene along with this first scene. As its a very tense and prime example of just how severe his memory condition is. As well as the shock at the enf of the scene how the female took advantage.


alone – film review


written and directed by Broke Tronski, this six minute short film is based around a middle aged man who’s seen to be the last man on earth, it shows a day in his life on what its like to be alone, and isolated.′Alone. Alone is what this man is. Years after the world ended and the human race perished; this is the only man left standing. How did he survive? What caused the outbreak? We don’t know. No one does. This short film gives you an inside look on what the only man left alive does on a day-to-day basis, what he does to survive, kill time, and keep himself sane‘- Youtube description box

Camera – In the short film many camera angles were portrayed. As it begins with the establishing shot of a medium close up of the protagonist for around 2 seconds which then cuts straight to a birds eye view of his hand, which then pans to the right. Depth of field is used as well as rules of thirds to show his mise en scene and his character. Throughout the whole sequence a variety of angles and shots are shown. Mainly close ups to show every detail

Editing – in editing we see the main protagonist with the most screen time throughout everything. The colour correction before the dream everything was in a yellow tone, more warmth is dragged in until the realisation that he’s not in a dream with people its very blue cold toned. Flashback is used,’ you know what i used to love’, faded white in the corners easily identified,

sound – i really like the monotone voice over and use of diegetic sound, and background music, The voiceover overpowers all the sound, so the audience just focuses on the protagonist narrating.

mise en scene – the setting and location is very working class, not much of a high status. Very monotone, stereotypical portrayal of a man in his middle age.

Drowning sorrows film analysis


This short film is about a teenager going through his emotions, and easing the pain away by drinking, the genre for this short film is under drama. This is the average length of a short film being around five minutes. I recognised the fact that the sounds and non diegetic screeches compliment actions so well with all the camera angles and editing, such as the close ups and glitch effects.

The film starts off with the first few words associated the abuse of alcohol in non diegetic muffled speech, with the male protagonist in a low key lit bedroom. Low pitched white noise is then introduces to balance out his tiredness to want to get to sleep. the use of the sharp door shadow with the silhouette of what sounds like his parents are having a heated argument suggests his background environment is hard and complicated.

The diegetic sound of his heavy breathing soon comes about, whilst a medium close up emphasis his confusion and anxiousness. Tracking and muffled beats are then bought in into the next transition of a house party. We’re is signified underage drinking. fast forward suggests that times going past quickly and is a blur when under the influence of alcohol. The harsh high key lighting of strobe effects and disco lights emphases a change of environment. Close up and fast paced jump cuts of empty glass beer bottles and the main character are shown to show his admiration is drawn towards drinking.

As he’s driving a radio voice over appears, as the non diegetic traffic sounds or cars, beefing, and the hustle comes i’m, suggesting his weariness, facts and statics is drawn in to address the situation to not only the character but to the audience to make them aware. Fast pace cuts show his frustration and how fast the car is travelling as well as the blurriness and distortion from what he see’s. A loud screech comes into a sound bridge of the main character on a bed, the mise en scene of the bottles reinforce the main character is under the influence.

Double layers and glitch effects show the distortion and the haphazardness of the consequences, with the use of a variety of different angles such as low shots, birds eye views, medium long shot.At the end of this, we see this is like a circular narrative structure, as it ends where he makes his decision to take the alcohol.

Director – Nathan Mcbride

Film poster 2


Boyhood is a film based on a young boy from the age of around 5 to adulthood grow up, being captured through a dramatic life story over 12 years.

The poster is a very simple poster, in which i would say breaks codes and conventions as its only the protagonist in the frame, not centered but used in the 2/3 south of the frame. In this image it’s captured from one of the first scenes where the boy is lying on the grass, the sharp contrast in his clothing of bright blue against the sharp vivid green reinforces his age, venerability and childish nature. The playful blue tones can stereotypically represent his male nature.

The title is in the center of the poster, and the font in a handwritten text, in a chalk graized white colour. In which is complimented by the green background where all the writing is placed over. The use of the star rating reinforces how suscsesful this movie was. As well as quotes from articles and reviews.